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Here's what a few of our readers have to say...

I can not only relate to many parts of this book, but I've also learned a lot! My husband and I had taken early retirement in September 2008 and had planned on living off of our investments. OUCH. So back to work we go and are now looking at real retirement. Great point the author makes and really hit home with me: He has to be super-interested in something to do a good job on it. Totally agree that motivation is key.

Author is honest that this takes time and perseverance, there are no "instant riches," but nothing worth having comes cheap. The author encourages you to look ahead to your end goal, what do you want from life in just a few years? In 20 years?

I thought the designation of properties (A, B and C) was quite helpful and the author really speaks to those starting out or are in the beginning years of starting on this adventure. I also appreciated the author spelling out how to make a written plan and the importance of doing so.

The explanations of loans and interest rates makes it easy for even the true novice to understand these things! Author lays it out in clear language, step by step. The advice is timeless!

I have read several books on real estate investing, and find this book to be comprehensive. I would recommend this without hesitation to anyone who is thinking of getting into real estate.

   -Susan Easley

Hey Ken, Thanks so much for sending your book along with the property details. You had me at the first paragraph. About 20% of the way in and appreciating your perspective and advise. This will be my Central Maine real estate Bible :-). Thanks again for your council and kindness.

   -Mike P, Vassalboro

Great book, Ken! Read it in an afternoon. Very sleeves up common sense approach. Hopefully this real estate upswing will continue.

   -Frank Carr

I read your book Real Estate Rebel and wanted to thank you for taking the time to write it. You wrote a lot of answers to the questions I have about investing in real estate. I feel better prepared to decide if I should jump into real estate investing. My plan is to save $10,000 more as a cushion before jumping in, then I'll go for a 3-4 unit in a working middle class neighborhood to start.

Kenneth: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your chapter in the Bigger Pockets Rewind Book. I just read it now... 8 months after acquiring my first flip. Out of all the interviews, I highlighted more points in your section than anyone's. (Basically, your section looks like it's smothered in golden honey, from using my yellow highlighter.) About every other sentence is highlighted! You story is a great inspiration as my goal is to rehab to accumulate cash to acquire more rentals. And, my focus is on the highest quality I can provide at a given price point... similar to your model. So, thanks again!

   -Tommy (Note: This is a review from the chapter "What I'd do differently" which I originally wrote for the BiggerPockets book "Realestate Rewind".


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